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The Glow Up

PREORDER *THIS BOX WILL SHIP ON OR BEFORE 1/20* Cue the cucumber slices! Introducing The Glow Up, a pamper party for 4-8 mini chill pills. Create the ultimate spa experience at home with adorable favors, a photo wall set-up, treat boxes and more. Even the littles deserve some R&R from time to time, so call up your squad and let’s glow girls (and/or boys!).

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What's in the Glow Up box?

Imagine spending 20 minutes on party setup instead of days.

  • 1 prop pack (13 props)

  • 4 bow waffle headwraps

  • 4 treat boxes

  • 4 waffle face towels

  • 4 glitter compacts

  • 4 glitter pouches

  • 4 glitter hair brushes

  • 1 glitter banner

  • 6 pink eyelash balloons

  • 4 sets of nail separators

  • 4 sets of glitter nail files

  • 6 bubble balloons

How To Assemble

  • Pose With Your Posse

    Create a photo wall with the glitter garland, eyelash and bubble balloons. Use the glue dots to affix the spa cutouts to the bamboo sticks.

    Optional: add a small piece of tape to the back of each prop for extra reinforcement (because, kids!). 

  • A Warm Welcome

    Dip the face towels in water, pop ‘em in the microwave, add a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil and voila!...instant spa vibes.

    Serve with a side of DIY “fancy water” (we love strawberries, cukes and mint).

  • Treat Yo’self

    Set up a snack station with your kiddo’s favorite treats and let them scoop their own spa mix into the snack containers (think: popcorn, pretzels, cheddar bunnies, dried cranberries, chocolate chips, etc.). 

  • Ready, Set, Pamper! 

    Use the favors to create spa stations for your littles to rotate through: mani/pedi (toe separators, nail files), hair styling (glitter brushes, pom ties), makeup (glitter compacts) and facials (waffle headbands).

    Fill the zippered pouches with drugstore faves like lip balm and nail polish.