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The Yasss Queen

Treat your little and her ladies-in-waiting to the fairytale fête of their dreams! Introducing The Yasss Queen, a royal party 8-16 princesses. Create a storybook setting with pink paper goods, gold tiaras, faux silk roses and alllll the glitter. The royal treatment has never been easier to pull off thanks to PUNCH! (And of course, a happily ever after ending.)
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Party Size
This Box Includes

For The Table
1 pink acrylic goblet
8 pink paper cups
8 pink paper napkins
8 pink paper plates
8 wood & tulle cutlery sets
8 glitter star straws
1 pack of pink glitter candles
1 glitter paper chandelier

For The Photo Wall
1 set of “Be Our Guest” balloons
1 “Once Upon a Time” glitter garland
1 glitter star backdrop
1 prop pack with 13 props

For The Princesses
8 mirror coloring sheets
8 packs of crayons
8 faux silk roses
8 glitter paper tiaras
8 glitter castle treat boxes
1 pink the kiss on the frog game 

How To Assemble

  • Set The Table

    Space out the pink plates and add a napkin, cutlery set, cup and star straw to each place setting. Put the goblet at the guest of honor’s place setting (the Queen Bee gets the fancy cup!). Hang the chandelier over the table. 

  • Add The Favors & Photo Props

    Place a box of crayons, mirror coloring sheet, glitter tiara, silk rose and treat box at each place setting. 

    Use the glue dots to affix the princess cutouts to the bamboo sticks. For extra reinforcement, add a small piece of tape to the back of each prop (because, kids!). 

  • Pose With Your Posse

    Create a photo wall with the glitter star backdrop, “Once Upon A Time” garland and “Be Our Guest” balloons. Smile and practice your royal wave!

  • Smooch A Frog

    Hang up the pin the kiss on the frog game. Cut out the hearts, add a little piece of tape to the back of each one, and let your little princesses take turns pinning them on the frog.